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Here is a big gift package to check! ——Recognition from our partner

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On the morning of May 25, a big gift package was sent to Changzhou International Exchange Center (Changzhou FESCO) Manning Global CZFESCO Representative Office.

The present is from Aumann Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., a German-funded enterprise that provides top-notch automation solutions for Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen and other first-line automobile factories. Manning Global Changzhou FESCO Representative Office of Changzhou International Exchange Center has recommended various kinds of high-end technology and management talents for it since 2013.


Mr. Johannes Unterricker, Finance Director of Aumann Technology, expressed his gratitude to Manning Global Changzhou FESCO Representative Office for its efforts, and looked forward to in-depth cooperation with each other in the futurein the handwritten letter,.


This gift is not only a recognition of our work, but also an encouragement for us. We will continue to make efforts to meet the needs of our customers and provide good servicefor them. In the past seven years, enterprises, especially foreign enterprises, have always regarded Manning Global Changzhou FESCO Representative Office as an important partner. No matter how the external market changes, what remains unchanged is mutual trust and expectation.


Changzhou International Exchange Center


May 25, 2020

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