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CAAC: each foreign airline can only keep one route to China

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Transportation Airlines:

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation in overseas countries is determined to resolutely curb the high risk of imported new crown pneumonia. According to the requirements of the joint prevention and control work of the State Council, the decision is made to further reduce the number of international passenger flights. The specific requirements are as follows:

1、 Based on the "international flight information release (phase 5)" published on the official website of Civil Aviation Administration on March 12, each domestic airline can only keep one route to any country, and each route shall not operate more than one flight per week; each foreign airline can only keep one route to China, and the weekly operation shall not exceed one.

2、 According to the above requirements, airlines are requested to apply to the operation monitoring center of CAAC for advance flight plan in advance.

3、 All airlines shall keep the route operation license and takeoff and landing time involved in the flight reduction in accordance with the requirements of this notice.

4、 All airlines shall strictly implement the latest version of technical guide for epidemic prevention and control of transportation Airlines issued by the office of leading group for civil aviation prevention and control. Strict prevention and control measures shall be taken for flights arriving and departing from China to ensure that the occupancy rate is not higher than 75%.

Five, according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, our bureau may issue policies to further tighten the total number of international passenger flights. Please pay close attention to and study and judge in advance, and do a good job in the disposal of the extension and refund of the sold tickets.

6、 Airlines can use airliners to carry out all cargo flights, not included in the total number of passenger flights.

7、 The flight plan adjusted by each airline in accordance with Article 1 of this notice shall be implemented from March 29, 2020.

8、 This notice shall take effect from the date of promulgation, and the deadline shall be notified separately. From the effective date of this notice, CAAC Circular [2020] No. 11 shall become invalid.

Civil Aviation Administration of China

March 26, 2020
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