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Notice of Changzhou on Further Strengthening the prevention and control of overseas epidemic situation

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At present, the input risk brought by the rapid spread of international epidemic is increasing. In order to control the source of infection to the maximum extent, cut off the transmission way and ensure the normal operation of the city's economy and society, the following is the notice on Further Strictly preventing the import of overseas epidemic and strictly controlling the health management of incoming personnel:

1、 From now on, all regular visitors (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) shall have 14 days of medical observation at the centralized observation point at their own expense. No longer accept the home observation application with a separate residence and no other residents in the residence.

2、 If all citizens, enterprises and institutions have relatives, relatives, friends, employees, etc. who need to go back to normal abroad, or if overseas personnel come to normal on their own, they shall take the initiative to report relevant information (including name, contact information, country and region, country and region, time of entering normal, vehicle and shift) to the community (Village) where they live 48 hours in advance Or report to the local public security organ. Community (Village) and public security organs shall check and sort out relevant information and feed back to the urban epidemic prevention and control headquarters in time. After arriving at the normal place, they took the initiative to carry out 14 days of medical observation at the concentrated observation point of the residence.

3、 All incoming personnel shall carry out nucleic acid detection in accordance with the principle of "should be fully collected". If nucleic acid detection has been carried out at the time of entry, another nucleic acid detection shall be carried out one day before the expiration of isolation period.

4、 The centralized observation points in the urban areas under their jurisdiction should be further expanded to meet the requirements of epidemic prevention, and to meet the needs of the differentiation of incoming and regular personnel as far as possible. We should strictly implement the measures of "four guarantees and one" and humanistic care for those who come to China for home observation. The community (Village) shall comprehensively arrange the information of the new entrants, and encourage the community residents to actively provide the clues of the new entrants to the streets (towns), communities (villages) and local police stations. Support the public security organs to deal seriously with those who violate the provisions of epidemic prevention and control according to law.

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