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Notice on Strengthening the Control of Imported COVID-19 Cases

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In order to curb imported COVID-19 cases and to preserve normaleconomic and social order, the enhanced measures for infection prevention andcontrol have been announced as follows:

I. All passengers, regardlessof nationality, will need to follow the same prevention and control measures asspecified below. These measures are applicable to all Changzhou-bound travelerswho have entered China within 14 days (hereinafter referred to as inboundinternational travelers).

II. All inbound internationaltravelers shall learn about China’srelevant measures on entry-exit epidemiccontrol in advance. Report your travel itinerary and healthinformation truthfully to your place of residence, employer or host, andregister for a “Changzhou Health Code” in time.

III. Tiered response to the COVID-19outbreak through targeted policies:
1. Those who have domiciles or fixedjobs in Changzhou and have traveled from countries and regions severelyaffected by the disease are required to be quarantined at designated sites for14 days. For those who are not suitable for being quarantined collectively,such as people over 70 years old, minors, expectant mothers and people withchronic medical conditions, and those who live alone in their own places, theymay apply to the relevant community for a self-quarantine at home. All theabove-mentioned people will need to undergo a nucleic acid test (NAT) on thefirst and last days of their quarantine period. Changzhou has set up foreign-related epidemic prevention and control work groupsin the international airports in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing, aswell as Changzhou Airport and Changzhou Railway Station, to pick up passengersmeeting the above-said conditions. Passengers from low-risk countries andregions for COVID-19 will also need to undergo a 14-day self-quarantine athome.

2. For those who had a travel history in any of thehigh-risk countries and regions for COVID-19 and are only having a brief stayin Changzhou for business purposes, they shall first go to designated sites fora NAT test and can carry out business activities only after being testednegative for coronavirus. We are introducing a “closed-loop” management system,that is, the above-said passengers shall stay in designated hotels orguesthouses and be picked up by their hosts all the time. Public transport andcrowded places should be avoided.

IV. Employers’ responsibilities regardingCOVID-19:
1. Enterprisesshould impose prevention and control measures such as temperature screening, informationregistration and health declaration if they have any staff or business visitorstraveling to Changzhou from other countries and regions.

2. Based on thepostponements of school reopening, universities in Changzhou should take theinitiative of contacting their foreign students and teachers who have notreturned to China yet, and inform them not to come back until the school isscheduled to reopen officially. As for those who have returned already, theiruniversities must strictly implement infection prevention and control measures.

3. Hotels andguesthouses should register the accommodation information of inboundinternational travelers, regardless of nationality, and timely report theirinformation to public security authorities in accordance with the law. Theyalso need to provide related services such as checking the guests’ bodytemperature and asking about their health condition.

4. Communitiesor villages should enhance their efforts to strengthen the prevention andcontrol of COVID-19, including registering the newly arrived internationaltravelers, and paying attention to and caring for those who are undergoingself-quarantine at home.

V. Legalresponsibilities:

1. For thosewho stay at home for a self-quarantine, if they refuse medical observation,conceal their own illness or go out without permission, they will be sent todesignated sites to bequarantined collectively with all expenses borne by themselves; meanwhile, theywill be investigated for criminal responsibility inaccordance with the law, provided that they cause spread of the epidemic andendanger public safety. For those who have been confirmed orsuspected to be infected by the virus, they will have to bear their own medicalcosts.

2. Anyone whodeliberately conceals information about any inbound international travelers orfails to fulfill responsibilities which causes serious problems will be heldlegally accountable according to applicable laws, disciplines and rules.

Hotlines of relevant areasand departments:
Liyang: 87223119, 87266138
Jintan: 82888636
Wujin: 86310260
Xinbei: 85158120
Tianning: 69661713
Zhonglou: 88890511
Changzhou Economic Development Zone:88775756-8000
Public Service Hotline of Changzhou MunicipalGovernment: 12345
Foreign Affairs Office of Changzhou MunicipalGovernment: 85683353, 85683343

Changzhou Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention andControl Headquarters
March 17, 2020

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