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A Letter to Jiangsu-bound Travelers Entering China via Beijing

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Dear passengers,

    Welcome to Jiangsu. Welcome back home.

    Given the current global spread of COVID-19, Jiangsu Province has introduced containment measures of inspection and quarantine for travelers from countries and regions severely affected by the disease in accordance with the requirements of the State Council with a view to effectively curbing its cross-border transmission. For the safety and health of you, your families and the public, we hope to have your understanding, support and cooperation for the following entry measures during this special period.

    1.Please follow the guidance of our staff and take a vehicle designated by them to the China International Exhibition Center New Venue after body temperature measurement.

    2.Please fill in the Passenger Information Form after arriving at the Center, after which a vehicle will be arranged to send you to your railway station. Please always keep your mask on.

    3.Please book a train ticket to Jiangsu on your own. If there is no train available on the day of arrival, you will be accommodated at a hotel close to your airport at your own expense and sent to your railway station the next day.

    4.Please strictly follow relevant regulations on epidemic control and cooperate with the local government in implementing various control measures after arriving at your destination.

    5.Those who refuse to cooperate or deliberately conceal their travel history, contact with confirmed cases and their own infection shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law, provided they cause spread of the epidemic and endanger public safety.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation. Wish you good health and a pleasant journey.

Foreign Affairs Office of

Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government

24-hour Hotlines on COVID-19 of Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and Foreign Affairs Offices of Municipalities in Jiangsu for Expats

Jiangsu: 18915991982

Nanjing: 025-68787300, 025-68787321

Wuxi: 13921162943 (English), 13665113434 (Korean), 15995213675 (Japanese)

Xuzhou: 13813280124

Changzhou: 18915065022, 13775223311

Suzhou: 15051425190

Nantong: 0513-85099266

Lianyungang: 13511565838 (English), 15240339807 (Japanese),18795503453 (Korean), 13505136496 (Russian)

Huai’an: 13511550055, 15312331648

Yancheng: 0515-68011318

Yangzhou: 18752745313, 18005274900

Zhenjiang: 13805287199, 13805285909

Taizhou: 0523-86885897, 15951168878, 13401231122

Suqian: 0527-84368771

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