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Process of handling work permits for foreigners to come to China during the period of epidemic

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To all relevant units:

In order to prevent novel coronavirus from infecting pneumonia, during the epidemic prevention and control period, other businesses have temporarily adopted the "inform + commitment" and the whole online processing method in addition to the new application for foreigners to work in China. The specific handling process is as follows:

1、 Unit application. The applicant shall submit the electronic application materials in the "foreigner work permit management service system" and ensure that the materials are clear and complete. At the same time, upload the letter of commitment for the authenticity of materials handled online in the whole process (see Annex 1) in the column of "other attachments". For the business that has passed the online pre-trial and is in the "to be accepted" status, you can apply for a return and modification, upload the letter of commitment and submit it again. For the business that is returned and submitted again after modification, online review is preferred.

2、 Online approval. According to the examination and approval of electronic application materials submitted online, those that meet the requirements and have complete materials shall pass the examination and approval within the specified time limit.

3、 Issuance of certificates. The applicant can apply for the letter of decision on administrative license in the way of delivery by express mail. If it needs to be mailed, please upload the letter of application for collection of evidence by express mail (see Annex 2) in the column of "other attachments". If the applicant goes to the handling window to get the work permit, he / she shall do a good job of protection (such as wearing a mask) according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.

4、 Precautions. The applicant shall strictly follow the commitments in the letter of commitment to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the materials. For those who provide false materials or do not submit the original documents for verification after the epidemic, the administrative license decision shall be cancelled according to law, and the applicant and the application unit shall bear the corresponding legal responsibility. The relevant information will be entered into the foreigner's work management service system in China, and the commitment approval will no longer be applicable.


1. Letter of commitment for authenticity of materials handled online in the whole process /upload/20200218/202002181129249126.docx

2. Application for postal express delivery certificate/upload/20200218/202002181129400134.docx

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