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Inheriting the spirit of the long march and devoting to database management- Manning Global Changzhou FESCO Rep. carried out team building activity in 2019

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In order to carry out the theme activity of "never forget our original mind and keep our mission in mind", as well as the discussion of database management, the talent development department of Changzhou International Exchange Center (Manning Global Changzhou FESCO Rep.) went to Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, to carry out the 2019 team building activity on from October 18th to 19th.


In the theme activity, the director, Chen Ying, led the staff to visit the Long March Tracking Hall of the Red Army, and started the journey of remembering the hard work of the Red Army, carrying forward the fine tradition and inheriting the red gene. With the three-dimensional introduction and display of the exhibition area, everyone felt the hardships of the long march of the Red Army, and realized the revolutionary determination and fighting momentum of "the Red Army is not afraid of the difficulties of the expedition, and there are thousands of mountains and rivers waiting for leisure". After the visit, everyone said that the cleaning and reorganization of the talent database is a systematic and continuous work, which takes a long time, and the process of cleaning and inventory will also face various problems. However, we should uphold the spirit of the long march of the Red Army, and carry out this systematic work with perseverance, endurance and determination.



In the seminar of database management, each employee combined theory with his own post practice, through in-depth thinking and research, successively elaborated the supplement and suggestions to the talent database management measures. After listening carefully to the employees’ opinions and ideas, director Chen Ying affirmed the serious thinking and extensive research before the meeting, made detailed comments on the topic sharing, and put forward guiding opinions on the improvement and development direction of the talent database. At the meeting, they had a heated discussion and a lot of new ideas came out.


This group building activity has set up a platform for exchange, discussion, learning and sharing for the staff. Everyone has fully mobilized their initiative, carried forward the spirit of the long march of the Red Army, and made suggestions for the development of the representative office in combination with their own directors. At present, the speech content of the delegation building activity has in the process of sorting out. In the next stage, the representative office will gradually improve the work of cleaning up and rectifying the talent database according to the discussion content of this meeting.

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