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Changzhou International Exchange Center participated in the public welfare activities of "Wallking for A Bag of Milk " in 2019 for four consecutive years.

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"Walking for A Bag of Milk" is a public fund-raising activity started in 2014 in our city. It collects money by walking to raise milk funds for the children of poor families and migrant workers in our city.

On May 12, 2019, around 7 a.m., enthusiasts  who participated in the public welfare activities of "A Bag of Milk Violence" and "Warm Jiangsu E Rise" in 2019 gathered in the square of Ganglong New Port City, Jingkai District, Changzhou.

Changzhou International Exchange Center has organized employees to participate in this public welfare activity for four consecutive years. Despite the hot weather on the day of the event, the volunteers of Changzhou Guojiao have challenged themselves with a positive spirit and completed the whole process. "We do not label the slogan of saving the world, but we want to influence life with our lives. Let the milk continue to run wild, let love pass on forever! 

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