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Staff participated in the qualification training and examination of human resources service in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, in 2019.

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Keywords: Changzhou, Human Resources, Headhunting, Talent Hunting and Employment
In accordance with the spirit of the Notice of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on Further Strengthening the Supervision of Human Resources Market, in order to strengthen the construction of the workforce in human resources service institutions and strictly implement the system of employee certification, with the approval of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Changzhou has held human resources services every year since 2018. Employment Qualification Training Course. The training content is about human resources market management laws and regulations, professional ethics, employment and entrepreneurship related policies, labor relations mediation, human resources outsourcing and other practical skills.

In August 2019, our staff participated in the training of qualifications of human resources service practitioners in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province in 2019. They passed the examination and successfully obtained the qualifications of human resources service practitioners.
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