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Changzhou State Interchange reception Ryukoku University, Professor Dai Yuan to visit often

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The Japanese Dragon Valley University Professor Taiyuan received a line often visit

In August 11th, Mr. Chen Ying, general manager of Changzhou International Exchange Center, received a large number of professors and 7 students from the Department of economics, Japan's University of dragon valley. The professor is Japan's Ryukoku University Taiyuan Asia - China economic development research team mentor, lead the students to come to Changzhou for this theme: "the development of small and medium-sized city in developing countries as well as Japan business opportunity".

Morning, Taiyuan line in Germany - Professor Manning Changzhou Foreign Service Representative Office chapter manager, accompanied by Miss Wu visited Komatsu (Changzhou) Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd., enterprise general affairs minister Mr. I in the form of illustrations, introduces the summary and development, product sales and marketing strategy to everybody. Subsequently, the assembly workshop was accompanied by the factory leader.

Komatsu was founded in 1917, headquartered in Komatsu, Ishikawa, Japan, and moved to Tokyo in 1951. The company mainly produces assembly hydraulic excavators and other large construction machinery and equipment. Komatsu group currently has three companies in Changzhou, which Komatsu (Changzhou) Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, which is 39 Komatsu assembly workshop group is currently one of the largest factory workshop, the annual production capacity of 10219 Taiwan excavator.

Afternoon, former professor line came to Wujin is located in the area of Pigeon (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. articles.

The company was founded in 2011, the parent company is located in Tokyo, Japan, the group is committed to the production of maternal and child supplies, products world-renowned. The company attaches great importance to the visit of Professor Yuan Da, and Mr. I, the general manager, has held a detailed discussion with his professors and accompanied the company and the workshop.

Gap in the survey of two Japanese companies, former professor and his entourage also made a special trip to visit the Changzhou International Exchange Center, said that in the future to Changzhou and cross country (Changzhou FESCO) keep in touch, there are numerous opportunities for promotion of Changzhou, also recommended students in Japan often have the opportunity to obtain employment.

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