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Changzhou Foreign Affairs (Changzhou Foreign Service) successfully held the fourth corporate human resources seminar

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How the growth in wages, welfare, promotion mechanism and innovation, talent development, health management, work life balance a series of overall compensation core factors, a rethink in the changing environment, is a new issue to be solved.

Recently, the Changzhou Municipal Center for International Exchange (Changzhou City Foreign Affairs Service Center), Germany Manning global Human Resources Inc jointly organized the fourth China enterprise human resources conference, recalling the past, look to the future, method and practice of discerningly share of overall compensation on the challenges and difficulties, to help enterprises to better respond to the human resources in response to the overall compensation in the field of. HR managers, directors and general managers from more than 50 enterprises in the city participated in the seminar actively.

The seminar, Changzhou Guojiao (Changzhou Waifu) invited three senior hunting German Manning Global Human Resources Co. Ltd. Munich headquarters and Croatia branch of the project manager to come, Manning introduced Germany's overseas operations and the overall development of the situation to you, to share experiences and anecdotes of Manning's German service personnel. The seminar also invited from the world's largest employee benefits, compensation and human resources management consulting company, "Mercer" East China business manager, to share the overall compensation under the environment of changeable thinking.


"It is a chance to understand German Manning Changzhou Foreign Service Representative Office, they require for the development of our business, the success of the formation of the core team, although it will bring some recruitment costs, but on behalf of recommended personnel, so that our business in the current operation and future development to benefit more." Filed with the German Manning Changzhou Foreign Service Representative Office cooperation, chairman of Changzhou in a business full of praise: "their business consultants are often more than eleven PM in reply to my mail or SMS, their occupation accomplishment and dedication touched me!"

Changzhou Foreign Ministry of personnel manager Wang said: "this is my second time in Germany Manning Changzhou Foreign Service Representative Office seminar, invited the guests inside and outside this year were wonderful to share, brought great inspiration to me, thanks to the representative office of this valuable opportunity to us, let us sit together to exchange thinking, friendship, mutual assistance in the future work."

It is reported that Germany as representative from Changzhou Changzhou FESCO Guojiao (Changzhou Waifu) and the establishment of 3 in Germany as 2012 in hand, adhere to the international and professional mode of operation, adhere to standardized and efficient work flow, positive for the employer to provide technical and management of all kinds of high-end talent at home and abroad to recommend, provide the optimal allocation of human resources, training and consulting services. Four years ago, a representative office has started from the time of zero, zero starting point to the development of customers, currently provide services to customers in nearly 100 units, all kinds of successful recommend posts in high-end talent has a number of more than 150, including in Europe for foreign talent.

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