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For foreign talent to find Changzhou Waifu dilemma matchmaking industry elite search

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Seminar on human resource management in Enterprises

"Looking at hundreds of resumes, you can't find the right person. What's going on here?!" A German corporate human resources manager Chen chagrin at the recruitment of job seekers and the table People are hurrying to and fro. piled a stack of resumes, both in the "filled with a thousand regrets, we have rich experience in the field, but also proficient in English or German, such talent is really hard to find." In fact, Chen's distress is not a special case, Changzhou more than 2000 foreign companies, in the recruitment of high-end talent, more or less will encounter a similar dilemma.

"We personnel requirements more stringent, need to understand the elevator guide field, this field was not wide, but also need to have rich working experience, so it is hard to find. It's not enough to rely on our own network." Malarz (Jiangsu) elevator guide Co., Ltd. personnel manager Zhou said frankly. As a newly established Sino foreign joint venture, the gap between various talents is the focus and difficulty of Ms. Zhou's work. In 2014, Miss Zhou came into contact with the Changzhou Guojiao (Changzhou FESCO) talent development department - and the German Manning Changzhou Foreign Service Representative Office, just over a year's time, from sales to the Department Manager, from production management to enterprise planning, has introduced 4 outstanding talents. "Talent in place and effective, their rich talent pool, is the main reason I choose to cooperate with Changzhou foreign service."

Seminar on human resource management in Enterprises

It is understood that the Changzhou international exchange center and the German Manning talent development department - Changzhou foreign service representatives established in March 2012, adhere to the international and professional norms, mode of operation and the integrity of the work process, provide technical and management of various types of high-end domestic and overseas professionals, headhunting recommendation, and optimize the allocation of human resources and foreign affairs consulting and training services for employers. Work has started from the time of zero customer, zero starting point, at present, is providing service to customers with more than 100 units, has officially signed a service agreement with nearly 80 units, has been successfully employed for all kinds of talent, the number has reached hundreds of people, including posts in Europe foreign talents.

"They know our needs, very trustworthy." Filed with the Changzhou foreign service cooperation, Changzhou Foreign Ministry of personnel manager Li praise: "we are also with some other headhunting companies have been in contact, some headhunting company personnel flow quickly, we should lead to different people repeatedly introduce our demand, while Changzhou foreign service will always take the initiative to understand and follow our needs it will be very tacit cooperation."

Recently, the city's more than 30 companies of the human resources manager, director and other personnel gathered at the Changzhou International Exchange Center (German Manning Changzhou Foreign Service Representative Office) conference room, held in Changzhou (Changzhou FESCO) pay third enterprise human resources work conference. Participants under the leadership of team coaches, tap the necessary elements of team development, understand the advantages of team play methods, so that you benefit a lot.

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