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Internet plus talent allocation service excellence

Sources: Changzhou foreign service network | Release date: 2015-06-12 | Views:
At the beginning of this year, Premier Li Keqiang in the government report that the government will develop a "Internet plus", this is the first time appeared in the government work report in the industry hot words. In the face of the whole society "Internet plus" boom, our human resources services have also been thinking about how to face the "+"? The afternoon of June 3, 2015, we have invited me to come to the center of American doctor Huang source, heard a "Internet plus us" as the theme of the speech report. Dr. Huang is PhD in computer science at Nanjing University, has 10 years of development and management experience in North America two world top 500 enterprises, not only proficient in business model innovation and technology in venture investment, mergers and acquisitions and other fields have a wealth of practical experience. In the speech, he introduced the influence of the Internet on us from the Internet trend, nine thinking, business model, brand, product, community and other dimensions. His speech made us great inspiration: first, we should continue to build our characteristics, provide human resources solutions for excellent enterprises, improve our core competitiveness; secondly, in the Internet era, everyone is a media, is a mobile advertising platform. We must make better use of social effect, enhance our service brand; thirdly, the Internet makes human resource management based on the data, and to speak with the data and decision possible, the measurement and management of human resource value has become an effective way to improve the human resources performance management. At present, our talent development department (Germany Manning Representative Office) must establish a data, information, standardized management model, in order to continuously improve our business and management level. The speech was presided over by general manager Chen Ying. After the meeting, she also led us to discuss and communicate with Dr. huang. The participants talked about Internet plus effect on the business and looking from different angles.
Talent development department (Manning representative office, Germany)
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