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Sources: Changzhou daily(2013-12-22) | Release date: 2013-12-23 | Views:
"Zhou manager, our business in the United States also needs a marketing director, can we help find one?"" Katie electric responsible person before the date for Municipal Foreign Affairs Office of Foreign Affairs Service Center Manager Zhou Xiaomei, hope for their hunting an American market marketing director, help enterprises to develop the US business.

This is not the first time Katie appliance through the way of looking for executives. Before, they have been through the Changzhou foreign service to find a European marketing director.

Earlier this year, in order to expand the business, marketing director Katie company is in urgent need of a European region, "must have 4 hard conditions: to understand the characteristics of the industry, has a wealth of sales experience, have extensive connections in the local work for many years".

Where to find a job, and full of talent? Try holding the attitude, they found the Changzhou foreign service.

Last year, the Changzhou foreign service in cooperation with the German Manning global Human Resources Inc in hand, the establishment of the German Manning Changzhou Foreign Service Representative Office, to build the channel between the talent demand for units and personnel at home and abroad.

Received enterprise information, the Changzhou foreign service immediately made contact with the German Manning headquarters in Munich, there are about 80 thousand people in a talent pool, gathering of the telecommunications industry, manufacturing industry, financial industry, aerospace industry and other categories of high-end talent.

By Chinese and foreign staff collaboration, layers of screening, finally pick up a highly qualified finland. He has worked in Germany for many years, and has a good command of German and English, and has a wealth of sales experience and channels for such products.

Katie responsible person immediately by telephone, mail, video communication etc., and personally flew to Germany to meet with the candidates, quickly signed employment contract. The candidate - lemora Mr. Ollie immediately switched roles, began to contact the business, dedication to work. Just a few months, has agreed with the local big customer product sales plan.

It is understood that more than a year in Germany Manning Changzhou Foreign Service Representative Office for a number of enterprises in our city, recommend headhunting all kinds of management and technical personnel more than 30, and the successful opening of the Changzhou foreign service posts; the establishment of talent network ", which makes the gathering of high-end talent more than 10000. (Song Jing)
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