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Changzhou Waifu Talent Network

Sources: Changzhou Waifu Talent Network | Release date: 2013-05-23 | Views:
"Changzhou Waifu talent network" opened! Hearing the news, executives and HR managers, some enterprises in our city have lamented: now, we will no longer have to advanced technology and management talent and overseas enterprises need to search for Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi and other places, looking for foreign talent demanding run to and fro labor service company, can through the local standard, professional and international talent service company to provide the service platform and channel to solve the problem of talent.

Originally, to implement the "talent strong city" strategy, effectively supporting and serving the city's investment, talent attraction, help me introduction and gather international talents, better for promoting rapid economic development and service, 2012 March, Changzhou and do foreign affairs service center cooperation with Germany as a global human resources company established in hand, Germany as representative of Changzhou fesco.

We adopt international and professional mode of operation, using domestic talent pool with resource advantage, recommend high-end management and technical personnel in all kinds of enterprises in our city is successful, more employment posts have talent. He has won a good reputation and reputation, and has been invited to become the only local talent service provider who signed the contract in Wujin talent work conference. At present, we accept the entrustment of some enterprises, are carefully looking for overseas operations, finance, personnel and other senior management personnel and procurement, sales, engineers and technical personnel, some units require looking for: Master's degree or above, with overseas background and technical background of the international management trainee of enterprise talents.

Under construction or are in technology and management to enhance the development stage of the enterprise, if there is the urgent need to support the talent demand, please contact us, we will timely and high quality for your organization to provide personnel configuration service international and professional.
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